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70’s Vibes in Flares 

Hello + Happy Monday!

I have no doubt that many of you are suffering from the Monday Blues like I am, and longing for the weekend that seemed to go by wayyy too fast. I spent most of my weekend soaking up this beautiful fall weather at Derick’s family’s River House and enjoyed leaving the world behind for a little while! A little recharge in nature always comes exactly when I need it. 

A huge staple in my fall closet this year is my collection of flare jeans! Not only are they super cute and flattering, but so incredibly comfortable. I love my skinnies, but they can definitely feel a little suffocating at times and I often opt to just wear leggings instead. These flares especially have a really nice stretch to them and the high waist has a surprisingly nice feel to it, not to mention it’s super flattering since it hits at the smallest part of your waist! However, flares can be a little tricky if you are on the shorter side like myself. I went into Express a little while ago and asked the salesperson where the flare jeans were, to which he responded, “Girl, are you even tall enough for flares?”

 …Which elicited this face haha! A blooper take that worked too well with the story not to use!

As much as I hated to admit it, he did have a point though! Standing at 5’3″, I wasn’t exactly the leggy model they always show sporting flares. Despite my loving the comfort aspect of flare jeans, I would have to sacrifice a few other things to have well-fitted, good looking flares! 

Cardigan: Altar’d State (on sale, similar HERE.) Tank: Altar’d State (sale, similar HERE.) Jeans: Abercrombie (out of stock, identical pair HERE.) Booties: Altar’d State (sale, similar HERE, HERE.) 

The first thing you need to be prepared for when getting flares as a shorty is that you will most likely need to have them hemmed. I bought three pairs and needed 2 of 3 hemmed. I took them to my trusty seamstress and got them done for $10 a piece, so you do need to be prepared to invest a little money into these jeans when you get them (totally worth it though!) When you get them hemmed, keep in mind you probably don’t want the hem any higher than 1/2″ off the floor from the back of your leg, and you need to wear the type of shoe you will most often wear with those jeans when you get them hemmed! Which brings me to my next point, that as someone on the shorter side, if you want that leggier illusion and don’t want to look swallowed by your jeans, you probably need to wear something with a heel (I know, I know, it can never just be easy right?) I’ve opted to wear my flares with wedges and booties with chunkier heels that are pretty comfortable and offer more support than skinny heels, plus I love the look! These are a wider-leg flare, I cannot wait to try out the bell-bottoms soon! 😍

Hope you get out there this week and rock the jeans you thought you couldn’t rock, and hope everyone has a great start to their week! ☺️


Konnor with a K

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