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Happily “Everly” After Shower for Baby Evie

Still can’t get over how beautiful this day was! My mom, sister’s, and mother in-law absolutely outdid themselves and I felt truly spoiled. My sister Klaire came up with the adorable Happily Everly After theme and they ran with it! I mean, look at that cake!

I am having the first girl on my side of the family, so everyone was excited I think to do a girly shower! 😆 Their attention to detail was incredible, from the enchanted rose under the dome, to Cinderella’s slipper and pumpkin, to the soft Disney fairytale music playing in the background! 💕

In true Konnor-fashion, I was sick with a bad head cold the day of my shower, which is only fitting since I’ve been sick for many other major celebrations/events, including my bachelorette party and honeymoon 😉. But despite my nasal-y voice and stuffy nose, we all had an amazing time together visiting and all our family and friends were incredibly generous in showering Derick, Everly and I with gifts to help us prepare to become new parents this year! We are so incredibly grateful to truly have that village everyone talks about needing behind us! ❤️

My beautiful sisters 💕
Four generations of women in my family in one picture! 😉
My oldest sister and I, both pregnant and only due about 13 weeks apart!

Both my mommas!

And of course, I wouldn’t be me without sharing dress details!

I got this dress off of Pink Blush Maternity for only $21 on clearance, which I was so happy about! It was the perfect length, it was so soft and comfortable which is a pregnancy must, and I can’t continue to wear it postpartum as well which I love! It has since sold out, but they have many dresses in the exact same style which I will link! Be sure to watch their sales and discount codes that can be combined on top of clearance, I got this dress for this price because they had a 30% off all dresses sale code I was able to use in addition to this dress being on clearance! 🙌🏼 Similar dresses here, here, here and here. Use code NEWUNEED for 15% off your purchase!

All in all, it was a beautiful day and Derick and I both feel very blessed! Everly has a lot of wonderful, strong and loving women in her life to look to for an example and I can’t wait for her to meet them! ❤️


Konnor with a K

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