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Into the Third Trimester We Go + a House Update!

Week before last, we hit the third trimester and ish. Got. Real. 😳

With me hitting 30 weeks this upcoming Thursday, it’s a race against the clock to get our home done as well as finish preparing for Everly in every way we can sans home! Derick and I are a total bundle of emotions right now, so excited and frazzled and nervous and happy and about ten others mixed in there! 😂 Needless to say we feel very blessed to have the help and support from our family cheering us on in this time, it makes all the big life changes much less daunting when you have a village behind you!

Pregnancy-wise, everything is still going well! Although, 28 weeks hit and in some ways it was like a switch flipped! I started to get more aches and pains, my belly started to feel increasingly stretched and itchy and my stomach feels like it keeps moving further up my chest cavity haha! Not to mention it is getting harder and harder to tie my own shoes! So I definitely have started to see what other mommas have talked about in terms of this being the more uncomfortable phase of the pregnancy. Overall though, I feel very good and am still staying active and working out 3-5 times a week, so I’m very grateful that overall pregnancy has treated me really well and I have largely enjoyed it! ❤️ Feeling my little girl continue you grow, stretch and kick will always amaze me. Dress: T.J. Maxx (can be bought HERE in white or black), Sandals: Target (so cute and affordable!)

I love this dress so much for spring, and the best part is that it’s non-maternity! The fringe and lace up details along with the fit are so pretty and feminine, and I love the way it looked even better with my bump than pre-pregnancy! It is sheer so it does need a slip, just to forewarn. I got these sandals last season from Target and I am so glad they have them for this season too because they are gorgeous to dress up or down and only $22.99! Their sandal game is really strong this year too, I am wanting to grab a couple other pairs I spotted online (also super cute and affordable) before our trip to the beach for my sisters wedding!

We went and looked at our framed up home today so I thought I’d share a few pictures to update on the progress! We are hopeful now with how fast everything is moving that we will hopefully be in it before Everly is born, fingers crossed we will see! 🤞🏼

Part of our kitchen ☺️
Our kitchen flowing into the living room
View from kitchen into living room
What will be Everly’s nursery 💕

We are so excited to finish this up, now onto the fun of picking out finishes! ☺️ Hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday!


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