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25 Week Bumpdate + Our Second Anniversary

25 weeks pregnant + our second anniversary certainly snuck up on us! Time. Is. FLYING.

We are going on a little babymoon/anniversary trip next weekend to Gatlinburg which I will be sure to post on, but after a nice sleep in, breakfast, and Sunday noon church, we decided to spend a little quality time together going to one of our favorite hiking spots! 💕 If anyone reading this lives in Georgia, you know we could’ve been renamed Seattle with all of the non-stop rain we have had. So, it was nice to take advantage of such a beautiful day together, all three of us. ☺️ And Derick captured some moments of me and my girl that I will always cherish.

The wind at the top was CRAZY 😜

Outfit: Tee- non-maternity and under $8 at Walmart, Leggings- Target and a pregnancy staple!

We talked about how much we are looking forward to coming back with our baby carrier strapped on and two little chubby cheeks bouncing with every step we take. 😂 We reminisced on our wedding day and talked about how excited we are for the future. We dreamt of our house. We planned details of our trip. We kissed. We held hands. We took in the view. It wasn’t some crazy elaborate way to spend our anniversary, but it was quality time that meant so much to me as the days of it just being us two come close to an end.

I have really enjoyed occasionally documenting my pregnancy on here, not because many people read it, but because it’ll almost be like a journal for Everly to one day be able to look back on! I’ll save some of the newer symptoms and checklists of this part of my pregnancy for another post and just let her takeaway be that her mommy and daddy love her and each other more than anything! ❤️ Here is what I have been reflecting on and wrote this past week for our anniversary:

“If you had asked me when I was in college what I thought the next five years would look like for me, marriage would not have been in the cards. Not because I didn’t have a desire for it, but because I was a serious commitment-phobe with very few dating prospects. 😂 And the few I did have I am ashamed to say I would quickly ghost once I felt like they were getting too interested, sending me into full on panic-mode! 🙈🙊 I was a mess. But I was content with where I was at and I had long made peace with the fact that the only person I had ever loved or been comfortable with in a relationship was not an option for me. And God must’ve chuckled and shook His head at me for assuming to have any idea of what was in my future. He decided to answer all those freshman year of high school teary-eyed prayers where I begged that if it be His will, that Derick and I would end up together. What I thought was a “no” was actually a “be patient, not yet.” He sent Derick my way again in full-blown pursuit over four years after I had given up and put it out of my mind, I was married within two years, and now on our two year anniversary I have our daughter kicking around in my belly. ❤️ We think we know what’s best for ourselves and that we can plan our lives out. And though we may try our hardest, today I’m reminded that I would not be anywhere NEAR as happy and fulfilled as I am today than if God had just let my plans and assumptions be my reality. Happy two year anniversary Derick! Life is a honeymoon with you and I love you more than anything! ❤️ ”


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