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21 Week Bumpdate + Maternity Outfit Link Up

Happy Sunday everyone πŸ’•,

It has been a weird winter here in GA, where it’s gone to almost 70 degrees some weeks, the high today was 55, and they are calling for snow on Tuesday. So needless to say, it has been hard to figure out day-to-day how to dress haha! This cold-shoulder maternity sweater was perfect for church today so that I didn’t get over heated inside (which happens easily these days lol), but was still warm enough for outside! I got it on clearance at Target and couldn’t find it online, but I’ve linked several similar options below!

Outfit: Sweater- Target (similar HERE, HERE, HERE), Leggings- Motherhood Maternity, Booties- Altar’d State (old, identical for under $28 HERE.)

Pregnancy-wise, everything has been great in the second trimester! I’m 22 weeks on Thursday, and it really is amazing how you can go from feeling so blech to back to your old self once you hit a certain point (and I feel very lucky that that was the case for me because I know for some women that is not the case.) I have so much more energy again and have been able to work out and keep active which was sorely missed. Food went from being nasty 24/7 to being even better than pre-pregnancy! And I’ve been able to stomach healthier foods and smoothies now which makes me feel better about the quality of food she is getting ☺️.

Cravings consist of:

β€’ Buffalo chicken subs from Subway, extra spicy with pepper jack cheese, jalapeΓ±os and ranch to top it off. I’m salivating just typing it haha!

β€’ Sour/tart candy of pretty much any kind always sounds delicious.

β€’ Bagels with cream cheese.

Pregnancy checklist items:

β€’ Book maternity shoot. βœ…

β€’ Find deals on clothes/diapers to stock-pile. βœ…

β€’ Finish registry. βœ…

β€’ Schedule a hospital tour.

β€’ Go to my 22 week appointment/ultrasound.

β€’ Schedule my first prenatal massage 😌.

β€’ Read allll the pregnancy/parenting books haha πŸ˜‚.

So far second trimester pros consist of:

β€’ Being able to feel her kick and move every day 😍❀️. Seriously nothing like it.

β€’ Having energy and working out regularly again.

β€’ Watching my bump grow and getting to see her move from the outside! 🀰🏽

β€’ Having that need to nest and getting as organized/stockpiled as I possibly can for her arrival until we are in our house (post for another day!)

And the cons:

β€’ Heart burn (ugh.) πŸ”₯

β€’ Feeling short of breath from just walking around the house haha!

β€’ Strange pregnancy dreams, seriously trippy and sometimes scary!

β€’ Round ligament and sciatic nerve pain, which can both be veryyy uncomfortable.

β€’ Achey muscles in general.

β€’ Having to pee every other second it feels like haha! πŸ˜‚

Overall though everything that has come my way so far has been very manageable, and this has by far been my favorite stage of pregnancy yet! πŸ’• I am always daydreaming about my little girl and we can’t wait to meet her, see what she looks like, and see what life brings us as a family of three. We love you sweet Everly Rae!

What were some of your most and least favorite parts of your pregnancy/ies?

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