The Girl Behind the K

Hey friends! 👋🏼

So happy you’ve stopped in to read. I hope while you’re here that I help you in some way, whether that be finding a budget-friendly outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful, figuring out what to do with that dated dresser that was given to you, or just chatting about life and sharing my story! I got married when I was 20 to my middle school sweetheart, Derick, and you will find him featured here regularly because I’m kinda obsessed with him. 😉❤️

I hope you enjoy your visit here!

Konnor with a K


4 thoughts on “The Girl Behind the K

  1. Hi! We just named out baby girl Konnor Elyse! Was so glad to see another girl with the name Konnor. My husband thinks it is brilliant for a girl!

    1. Oh my gosh that melts my heart, I love her middle name! Congratulations on your baby girl! And I’ve never met a girl Konnor with the same spelling as mine, it’s nice to know there’s another one out there! ☺️ My dad loved the name Konnor for a girl as well, he said he loved meeting girls and being surprised by them having a unique or non-typical name!

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