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My Favorite Cardigan + a Farewell to Open-Toed Shoes 

Happy Fri-yay y’all! 🙌 

When you’re trying to keep your hair out of your face and you accidentally become this emoji 💁🏽

Derick and I decided to break up the long week by doing a little Thursday night sushi + movie date, which always gives me a nice excuse to dress up a bit! We saw The Girl on the Train (which was decent, didn’t quite live up to the awesome book in my personal opinion,) but we had a great time and enjoyed a nice evening out! Despite wanting this weather to turn a little cooler, I’m taking this last little bit of warmer weather to wear some cute open-toed lace-up heels (which I bought for $19 online from DSW’s clearance sale!) before I have to say farewell for a little while.High-low cardigan sweater: Francesca’s (similar HERE.) Ruffle tank: Altar’d State (similar HERE, HERE.) Jeans: Dress Up (similar HERE.) Lace-up heels: DSW (can also be bought HERE, HERE, & HERE.) Bag: Francesca’s (similar HERE.) Earrings: Altar’d State (similar HERE.) 

Speaking of sales, this entire outfit is comprised of things I have gotten on clearance/during sales! I got the tank at Altar’d States clearance sale for $1.79 (that’s not a typo, you read right!), the earrings from there as well for $4, the bag and the cardigan from Francesca’s on sale/clearance awhile back (both for under $20 I believe,) and the jeans from Dress Up when they had a $19 sale on denim! It is an incredibly rare thing for me to buy something if it isn’t on a sale of some kind, and that is my number one shopping tip I always give. I know it is super tempting to buy the new, adorable full-priced thing that just came in the store, but I can almost guarantee you that it will go on a sale of some kind within a month or two, or the store will have some kind of promotion, so if you can be a little patient and resist, it pays off a lot! This whole outfit retailed at about $250 and I bought all of it (over time) for about $78! Since some of the items are less recent (like the cardigan unfortunately,) I wasn’t able to find it anymore online, which I was so bummed about because I wanted to share it with y’all since it’s one of my favorite pieces! I did link similars for the ones I couldn’t find the exacts of, I hope you enjoy! 😘 

What are some of your tips and tricks for dressing on a budget?


Konnor with a K 

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