Let’s Talk, Let’s Talk: Baby Pictures + Investments

New series, woop woop!

In an effort to be able to talk about feelings and thoughts and not just about fashion and events, I figured I’d start another series (notice the “song lyrics as titles” theme?). Something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past few days is baby pictures. Out of all of the things to think about, the big bins of developed photos of me and the sibs sitting in our dank, unfinished basement. On the rare occasion that any family member of mine and I venture down for some odd job or in search of a missing item, we always end up at the picture bins! You hear the laughing and the aw-ing first, then you look through the wood frame walls into the next room to see whoever is looking through a stack of photos, then you get pulled in, and next thing you know, you’re carrying large boxes filled with memories up the stairs to be sifted through on the living room floor. Here are a few I sifted through this evening in my personal bag of photos, oohh fancyyyy.

005I LIKE CAKEEEE!007 (2)I LIKE PUDDING!!!007 010 012Sassy.013Us in a nutshell.017Me and Popadoodle.020 021My love for fashion started early on ;).002She loves me!
024Funny story; I had pacifiers until I was wayyyy too old for them. In order for my mom to convince me to quit using them, I had to put all of my “pacies” into the mailbox and then the “PaciFairy” would come, take them and leave a present in return. I ended up receiving a broken microphone toy as pictured above, I just didn’t know it yet ;).
031 (2)Snoopin’.031Playin’ in the water!

035 (2) 037 037 (2) 043Wooo up the nose!
045The kids at school call me “Megamind” and “Five Head” because of this picture haha!049#SincereBabyPic

Looking through all of our pictures, especially with my siblings, has given me a special appreciation for all the trouble my mom went to to capture all of our moments and get them all developed on a regular basis. My family and I have laughed until we were breathless, relived old memories, teared up and so much more just by sifting through the piles together. So, I’ve decided that no matter what, in the future, I will invest in a good camera and developing pictures when my siblings and I have our own families! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, reminders of amazing times and ordinary times and an incredible way to spend time with family and friends. So yes, I will be “that mom” that annoys their kids with the phrase “Hold on, let me get a picture!” coming out of my mouth every other sentence! 😀

Happy Throwback Thursday!


Konnor with a K

P.S. Joe isn’t in any of these because he wasn’t born yet!!

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