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A New + Intentional Date Night

It is almost Friday and I am here. For. IT!!!! I decided to get some creative juices flowing tonight and write about a new date night tradition Derick and I are trying out after seeing my sister and brother-in-law do it (thanks for the inspo Katelyn and Rick!) First, let me start with a question… Continue reading A New + Intentional Date Night


Let’s Talk, Let’s Talk: Baby Pictures + Investments

New series, woop woop! In an effort to be able to talk about feelings and thoughts and not just about fashion and events, I figured I'd start another series (notice the "song lyrics as titles" theme?). Something I've been thinking about a lot over the past few days is baby pictures. Out of all of… Continue reading Let’s Talk, Let’s Talk: Baby Pictures + Investments


Thanks for the Memories: Thanksgiving 2013

HAPPY TURKEY DAY FRIENDS!!! Tradition at the McDonald house was broken this year. We almost always have Thanksgiving together with all of our extended family, and it literally looks like something out of Southern Living. However, with family moving this way and that, we had a family dinner plus Rick (obviously family as well) and… Continue reading Thanks for the Memories: Thanksgiving 2013