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Flares Part 2 

As promised, here are my bell-bottom flares that I love so much! 

When I wear these jeans I’m like, “Did these ever REALLY go out of style? Nah there’s no way.” I don’t know why they would now that I own a pair currently, because I feel like they are the most flattering pair of jeans I own! They accentuate all body shapes so well and are much more forgiving that skinnier fits in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I love my skinnies, but after a holiday meal if I’m wearing those I’m quite literally bursting at the seams! 
Suede Trench: Lulu’s. Flare Denim: Express (50% off right now!) Piko: Dress Up (same one HERE.) Booties: Just Fab. Necklace: Dress Up

Also, this suede trench coat is one of my favorite cyber Monday purchases (at only $33!) I think it is such a unique piece simply by the fact that it is suede, and I love adding it as a textural element to my outfits! What’s a unique statement piece y’all have?


Konnor with a K 

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