Thanks for the Memories: Homecoming

Hey guys!

So, I’m going a little backwards here, I was going to post on homecoming week and such first but I got so busy  and I just got so excited since homecoming was the other night and I really wanted to post the pictures (inhale, Konnor!) Therefore, I’m going backwards because I wanted to share the fun pictures from the night, they were pretty candid :).

My date! a.k.a my friends little brother!Sassy duck face!My best friend with her date, my date’s best friend (complicated, i know ;))Best friends, can’t you tell?Yay 🙂The sister vs. the date! The class!Alex, you ruined my dress!“Let’s punch Cole!”Classy.First the soda, and now the pool?!Pensive.

Well, that was rather long, sorry to blow up your page with pictures, but there were just wayy too many to narrow down ;). Will be updating on homecoming week soon! 🙂


Konnor with a K

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