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A New + Intentional Date Night

It is almost Friday and I am here. For. IT!!!!

I decided to get some creative juices flowing tonight and write about a new date night tradition Derick and I are trying out after seeing my sister and brother-in-law do it (thanks for the inspo Katelyn and Rick!)

First, let me start with a question that I feel many of you will relate to; how often does deciding where to eat/what to do for a date night with your SO turn into a battle of “You pick! No, you pick! I don’t care! I’m good with whatever!”? 😂 Literally, picking where to eat for Derick and I is that stereotypical struggle of going back and forth for 15 minutes and still having no clue what the plan is! It is so frustrating and sometimes you just want someone to make the plans for you and not feel like there is pressure to make all the decisions. That is where this brilliant plan comes in!

The way it works is that you commit to one day/evening a week to be your date night, and you and your SO alternate taking turns planning it, all the details! You pick where you eat or if you’re staying in you plan the meal and cook it, and anything in addition you have preplanned and thought out/paid for/fill in the blank so that all your partner has to do is show up and enjoy their time with you! What’s so brilliant about it is if it’s your turn to plan, you have complete control and can plan a special and creative date that you think your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend will love. You can even make it a surprise and keep them waiting till the day of to figure out what you have in store for them! And then when it is their turn to plan, all you have to do is relax and show up which is a nice change in pace after planning your date the week before! 👌🏼

photo credits to Michael Rizza Photography

We’ve talked about implementing this for awhile now, but I decided to take some initiative and just do it to get the ball rolling! I made Derick swear he wouldn’t peak on here until after our date Saturday so I can spill all the details on here and give you guys some ideas if you want to try this out. 😉

For our date Saturday, I’ll be taking him to Avalon for dinner and drinks at our favorite restaurant there Kona Grill, and then the fun twist is that I’ll be taking him to Dave & Buster’s afterwards at their new location in Alpharetta with this amazing Groupon I found! After using the code SUMMER for 20% off, I got this deal of getting unlimited game play for only $16 for the both of us! Now, that may not sound like your ideal date, but Derick and I are both kids at heart (and not to mention competitive!) so this is a date I know we will both love!

Something I love about this idea is how intentional it is. Many people say a key to a great marriage is being intentional with one another, doing small but intentional actions and services to always let each other know how much you care for and love one another. It’s so easy to fall into a comfortable routine of staying in watching Netflix or just going to the same few places every time you go out, and sometimes those are both great things! But I hope by us doing this more often combined with trying to put our phones down and be present with each other more, that we become more intentional and attentive to one another with time. ❤️

Well, this ended up being a little long-winded! I think I will save good date ideas for another post, would y’all like if I wrote out a list of ideas? Also, how do you feel about the intentional dating idea, yay or nay? I’d love to hear your thoughts! ☺️


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