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My Beach Essentials

Well, that vacation flew! They all do, but it is just rough going back to work after a week in paradise. Until next time, Destin! ❤️

Packing for myself and a husband this time around, I learned a little more about some things I was really happy I brought that I wanted to share with y’all! Everything from sun screen to beach accessories, here we go! 

Sunscreen – I’ve become increasingly aware of how many name brand sunscreens nowadays contain so many potentially harmful ingredients, that I really wanted to research to find a sunscreen that was more natural, didn’t go on Casper-white and wasn’t $1,000 for a 3 oz bottle! I found what I was looking for with this Kiss My Face Spray Screen, which was under $15 for a 14 oz bottle and was really convenient with the spray nozzle! It rubbed in really well and it worked great for me with the 30 spf, but we ended up using this Babo Botanicals SPF 50 Face Stick for Derick since he is fairer than me and was getting burnt using the 30! This stick is nice and easy to apply and works great, the only downside is that it is definitely leaves a white tint on your skin.

Tanning oil- literally all I used for tanning oil on this trip was some coconut oil I bought at the store and a little $.97 spray bottle from Walmart! It works like a charm, smells great and is so good for your skin! It doesn’t have SPF in it, but I would just apply sunscreen first, then do the oil and lay out and it worked so well for me. Tanning oil is another product that has been found to have lots of chemicals and potentially troublesome ingredients, so this is a great alternative for anyone looking to try something different! 

Beach blanket- Ok, confession time: I really just ordered this blanket for pictures 😂. But in all honesty, I loved it, the price (under $14,) and will definitely use it in the future for picnics and times where I will need to sit outdoors on the ground, such as sporting events, etc! It’s very thin, more like a thin canvas that a towel, but I actually really love that it’s light-weight and not bulky. Also, are you starting to notice a theme here? Amazon Prime allllll the way baby 😉. 

Awkward picture that did not turn out how we expected it to 😂

Yeti-type cup- Now I’m not saying the cup you pick has to be Yeti, there are lots of great brands that work just as well, if not better! Walmart sells Ozark Trail cups for under $10, and they’ve been proven to outlast Yetis! I use this SIC cup that I love for the color and quality, but also love Yeti cups as well! They are just great because they will keep your ice water/piña colada/drink of choice nice and cold while you’re down at the beach for a majority of the day! We tried to do solo cups too and it took a matter of minutes for any drink to become warm and nasty in those, so I’d recommend an insulated cup of some kind!

Canvas beach tote- Y’all, when you go to the beach, you don’t realize just how much junk you gotta haul down there until you’re dropping things left and right in the hot sand because your arms are too full. Even if you’re going to be in a house right on the beach, you still have a decent walk to get to where you’ll park your chairs, so you need a tote! I used this older Victoria’s Secret Tote which is wildly expensive now since it was limited edition, but Walmart sells a $9 canvas tote that looks really roomy and has lots of different prints! You won’t regret it when you can tote everything you need down with you and then throw the bag in the wash once your trip is over! 

A good speaker- …and an excellent playlist 😎. One of Derick’s birthday gifts this year was this awesome speaker which is both water and sand-proof! It’s really small, the sound quality is amazing, and it holds a charge for a super long time! We would hang it on the inside of our umbrella and listen to the beach playlist and the waves all day long.

A deep conditioner/hair mask- The salt water and sun can wreak havoc on my hair and make it so dry, so I was so glad this time that I brought a hair mask with me! I left this L’Oréal total hair repair mask in for 10 minutes every time I showered and it helped my hair feel back to normal! 

Silicon wedding bands- I need to re-order mine because the ones I got were a tad too big, but overall I love this pack off of amazon that gives you a bunch to have on hand for if you want to exercise, or in this case, go down to the beach without the worry of damaging/losing your real ring! I feel so naked now without a ring on that finger, so it’s nice to have a stand-in for when you don’t want to put the real one in a risky situation. 

Pineapple slides- Just because they’re so dang cute 😉. I have a $13 pair for TJ Maxx and I loved having a cute beachy sandal for walking on that hot sand that was both easy to kick off and easy to wash off! Here and here are two cute pairs!

A couple cute bathing suits- duh haha but I’ve just realized how cute and inexpensive a lot of amazon suits are! I got this one for under $19 and this one for $13 and was really eyeing this cute one piece

I think that is just about everything! That, and stuff for signature beach drinks and you are good to go 😉. Any trips before summer comes to a close? 


Konnor with a K

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