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An Outfit + Some Real Talk

Hump day post comin’ at ya friends! 🐫 

It’s been a bit since I last posted on here/social media in general, I’ve kinda taken a mini break with having been so busy with working and family/down time, and I’ve loved it. Even though I love blogging and using social media, and find that it’s a great creative space for me, sometimes it can end up feeling like I’m on a schedule. I need to post a certain amount in a week or I need to capture an amazing photo or dress up a certain way, and in reality, that doesn’t happen every week. I wake up early and have an active job, so I’m most likely running out the door with my hair in a ponytail, no makeup on and in workout clothes that I usually have zero intention of working out in (although I’m trying to work on that 😉.) The point of that ramble is that, as many bloggers before me have already talked about, what you see coming from me on here and on social media is me putting only my best foot forward, so to speak. You see the pre-summer humidity, post work-week Konnor, right after she’s done a full face of makeup and put on a carefully chosen outfit, which is fine! It’s still me, it’s still outfits I love to wear and makeup I enjoy putting on and hairstyles I like to do, but it’s only a small percentage of my life where I actually look like that and put that effort in! I also think we as humans just tend to enjoy aesthetically appealing things, we are drawn to beauty and that’s not a bad thing at all either. It’s ok to love people’s Instagrams or blogs with gorgeous pictures and mess-less houses and pretty outfits, we just need to be reminded that no ones life is beautiful or put together at all times! I share that because I just wanna keep it real with y’all that while I do share outfits and projects and other fun stuff on my social media, that’s definitely not me all the time, or even a majority of it! End rant 😉. Top: Francesca’s, Shorts: AE (similar here,) Sandals: Altar’d State (steal at under $10!) Tassel Earrings: Altar’d State (sold out.) 

Now let’s talk outfit! This top has been one of my favorite summer tops because I just love how it’s corseted, off the shoulder, and has that pretty eyelet detailing! Also, these adorable sandals are on sale for only $9.88! 😱 I’ve linked all of the outfit deets above, hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! 

Konnor with a K 

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