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Travel Diary: St. George Island 

Hey there friends, hope everyone is having a great start to the week! 

I am getting hit hard by reality right now as I jump back into work after coming back from the beach. That post-vacay schlump is always hard to work through, but we’ve been keeping the vacation vibes alive by looking through our photos and videos, talking about our favorite moments of the trip, and keeping our suitcases and the sand we tracked in the house just a little while longer 😉. This was Derick and I’s first time traveling married since our honeymoon as well as our first time visiting SGI, so I figured I’d do a little travel diary overviewing the things we really enjoyed about the trip and share a few photos! ☺ It was so nice to have an illness-free trip (if you didn’t read on my instagram, we both got the flu on our honeymoon!) We had been looking into possible weekend getaways to have a little redemption trip, but when a good group of highschool/childhood friends of Derick and I asked us to spend spring break with them in SGI, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity! 

If you couldn’t tell already, #obsessed with portrait mode.
There were so many things about SGI that were different from previous beach experiences for us, which I really enjoyed! The island is located off the coast of Apalachicola, Florida, and is incredibly tiny and remote. So remote that Derick and I had no service other than our condo’s wifi for the whole trip, which I actually really enjoyed since it helped me unplug and just be present. Our friends that had invited us are big into fishing, and SGI is typically a prime place for fishing because of how small and untouched it is! Unfortunately, they didn’t have much luck with fishing because we went down in the middle of a cold-snap by the island’s standards. However, they were still able to catch and cook fresh fish which was delicious, and we saw tons of marine-life regularly which was so fun! Every day we saw dolphins come up 100+ times easily and some would even swim in close to shore by people! We saw schools of fish swim by, I caught several hermit crabs, and at night there were tons of ghost crabs on the beach! We really enjoyed going to the Dr. Julian G Bruce State Park there, where we saw lots of marine life, found tons of beautiful shells, were able to fish and watch the tide rise and recede. SGI itself is, as I mentioned, very small and secluded, so there aren’t many restaurants or things to do, but you can rent bikes, kayaks, enjoy fresh seafood (we really enjoyed the oceanfront restaurant The Blue Parrot), go fishing, or just lay out on the beach and enjoy a piña colada (or three) like we did most days 😉. The whole island itself is very quaint, and I loved seeing all the cute pastel beach houses and local businesses. 

Our group is already planning our spring break round two for there next year, and we can’t wait to go back! But for now, Derick and I have our eyes on our family trip in July to Destin, our regular vacation spot 😍. Counting down the days! 


Konnor with a K 

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