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One Month Down 

Cheers to the weekend guys, we made it! 🍻 

Wow, I blinked and I’ve been married for a month! It has been a wonderful month so far being married to Derick, and I’m really starting to feel like I’m home when I get to the house and not like I’m at Derick’s house. I’ve just honestly been enjoying the little things that come with being married and owning your own home, like grocery shopping, cooking together, cleaning, clearing out the garden bed and landscaping for spring! I’m sure that as time goes on and we get busier these things will become tedious and not as enjoyable, so I’m soaking up the excitement now for all it’s worth ☺. To celebrate, we went to the movies and saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie, which was so good!! Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess, and I got chills like 20 times throughout the movie hearing familiar songs and lines but also enjoying some of the new plot points and songs! I would definitely recommend anyone to go see it! 

Please ignore the hair tie I forgot to take off my wrist at first 😂
My beautiful wedding gift from my hubby.
Top: T.J. Maxx (similar HERE), Skirt: Forever 21 (from this fall and no longer available, similar HERE), OTK Boots: Lulu’s (sold out right now, you can get on their waitlist for them but HERE is another cute pair from them!) Necklace and ring: from my wonderful hubby ❤

So, anyone who lives in Georgia reading this knows that right now, the weather is basically insane down here. One day we have a crazy storm downing trees and hail and cutting off the power, the next day it’s sunny and 80, the next day it’s cloudy and 50, it just can’t make up it’s mind! So yesterday was a bit of a cooler spring day and I used it to my advantage and pulled on some of my favorite OTK boots and a corduroy skirt before I have to say goodbye to them and pack them away for the warmer weather! Also, this top is one of my favorites that I own just because of the neckline, I absolutely love a boatneck, I feel like it’s so flattering and very Audrey Hepburn. Is anyone else struggling with the idea of letting go of all the cute cold weather clothes? Or are you ready for shorts and sundresses? 

Happy weekend friends!

Konnor with a K 

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