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Wedding Diary: 22 Days Away

So, better late than never right?

I cannot believe I haven’t done this throughout my engagement! I always wanted to, but put it off and told myself I hadn’t really been doing much and wouldn’t have much to write about. And now here I am, less than a month away from my wedding and I haven’t written a word about the planning process or my engagement and it makes me a little sad honestly! It has flown by in the blink of an eye (which we knew it would, but still didn’t heed the many warnings we got haha!) We got so caught up in life, work, balancing of time between ourselves and our families, holidays, new additions being welcomed to our family (our adorable nephew 😍,) readying the house for me to be there, with wedding planning thrown in between all of it. So, I wanted to share a bit about what the process has been like so far, what’s left on my to-do list, how I am feeling, etc! I want to document this for Derick and I to look back on more than anything, but I want our families to be able to see this too, and maybe some other brides who can relate! 😊

Days till the wedding: 22 😱

Location: Cancun, Mexico.

Feelings: Mainly pure excitement and happiness at the fact that I am so close to marrying Derick, we are so ready for that part and there are no nerves there at all! But there’s definitely some nervousness and anxiety about getting everything done in time and wrapping up last minute details, which I know is totally normal but can’t be helped much unfortunately!

Biggest fears: Forgetting something important at home since we’re going out of the country, and missing our flight are the two big ones haha!

Big things I’ve gotten done so far (in no particular order): 

  • Booked and paid the resort
  • Booked and paid the flight
  • Booked and paid the wedding chapel/cocktail party/reception
  • Booked the rehearsal dinner
  • Bought my wedding dress and got it fitted!
  • Got all of my wedding day accessories
  • Got all of the bridesmaid dresses
  • Got all of the groomsmen wear (minus my brothers since he is not in men’s sizes yet!)
  • Picked out the ring-bearer suits
  • Finalized all the details of the ceremony/reception (music, flowers, menu, etc.)
  • Finalized our photographer
  • Gotten done a majority of the paperwork and requirements done for our wedding Mass (if you’re Catholic, you feel me here! Pre-Cana and affidavits and letters of permission, all that jazz. And going to Mexico where Church and State are separate, it makes the process all the more complex and confusing, and it took us up until a few months ago to figure out what we had to do! We will be doing a civil ceremony here just so that we are legally married and then will be having our marriage in the spiritual sense in Cancun with our wedding Mass!)
  • Found a priest (our former pastor whom we love) to come down with us and celebrate our wedding Mass
  • Got luggage for the trip
  • Made a packing list (to ease my anxiety haha)
  • Finalized the guest list
  • Ordered a portable steamer
  • Bought my rehearsal dinner dress and had it fitted

To-do List: 

  • Get Derick’s wedding suit
  • Get Derick’s ring (procrastination at its finest ladies and gents)
  • Get Joe’s groomsmen suit
  • Get letter of permission from diocese and send it to the resort
  • Pick up wedding dress once pressed
  • Pick up rehearsal dinner dress
  • Schedule civil marriage ceremony
  • Send affidavits back to our parish
  • Pay for the rehearsal dinner
  • Send scan of my baptism certificate to resort
  • Pick readings for wedding Mass
  • Send DJ final music list
  • Order bride and bridesmaids robes
  • Shop for last things on packing list
  • Get a nice tan before I go
  • Buy last couple makeup and hair products for wedding hair/makeup!
  • Pack and make it to the airport on time!

Most excited for: Of course, first and foremost, to be Derick’s wife and to have him as my husband! I am so ready and excited for that! But after that, the honeymoon definitely! Just to be done with all the planning and the stress and it just be the two of us, married and on the beach with nowhere to go and a drink in hand! But even still, the thing we probably talk about most in terms of excitement is just the day to day life together. We cannot wait to be under the same roof and create a home and life together!

Well, that was a little long-winded, but basically covers all the bases of where we are at right now! Luckily, all of the stuff left feels small and doable, so my stress level has gone down a lot (whoever says destination weddings are stress free is a dirty liar.) But, all of it is so worth it to have a wedding that we love and are excited about, I love thinking about getting married looking out at the ocean and having our first dance on the beach. ❤ If you haven’t seen where we are getting married yet, click here (or google “Our Lady of Guadalupe Wedding Chapel Cancun.”) 


Konnor with a K

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