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How I’m Getting Through a Weird Winter

I don’t know about y’all, but we are suffering from some serious winter blues around here! 


The weather in Georgia has been crazy lately. One week it is in the 70’s and sunny, and the next it is freezing cold and has a winter weather advisory 🙄. Which would explain why everyone is getting horribly sick, so many family and friends of mine (including myself) have gotten terrible cold viruses or the flu (or both!) within the past few weeks, and I can’t help but feel like the crazy fluctuation in weather is at least partly to blame. The weather doesn’t listen to me though, so I had to dress a little warmer for date night, and this shearling vest was a perfect option for the cold! I’ve linked similars below! 

20170129-004358.jpg20170129-004446.jpg20170129-004501.jpg20170129-004602.jpg20170129-004652.jpg20170129-004703.jpgVest: Altar’d State (similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE if these are at a Target near you, they’re an awesome deal!) Dress: T.J. Maxx (similar HERE.) Tights: Kohl’s. Booties: DSW (similar HERE.) Choker: Amazon.

Anywho, enough negativity, because what’s getting me through it is the fact that we are only 24 days away from leaving for Mexico to get married! It has snuck up on me so fast, and now I’m running like a chicken with my head cut off trying to wrap up last minute details! I cannot wait to marry Derick, that part is the only thing that is not making me nervous and calms me down to think about when I’m stressing about details and unfinished things! ❤ Also, we just booked a beach house in Destin for a week in July with Derick and I’s families, which is luckily and coincidentally where I will be celebrating my 21st birthday! 😎🍹 Perfect couple of plans to help get me through this weird winter! 

What are your ways of getting through the winter weeks? 


Konnor with a K 

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