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Hey friends!

Hopefully the whole “just like riding a bike” saying applies to the blogging world too? Despite it being a couple years since I’ve touched my blog, I found myself renewing my domain name every year as it was about to expire, in the hopes that I would pick it up again when I felt the time was right and I’d be able to share my creative passion in a consistent way that made me happy! But, as I’m sure many of you can relate, I started to doubt myself and my abilities. I picked apart old posts I’d written, looked at styles I’d worn that had gone out of fashion (ignoring the fact that that happens to everyone,) criticized misspells and word choices, and slowly but surely, the confidence in myself that prompted me to start blogging started to waiver. What if I have just been embarrassing myself? What if no one finds this helpful? Or interesting? Or uplifting?

What if?  

As all of these questions popped in and out of my head while debating whether or not to start up blogging again, I had several people, unprompted and all within the same couple weeks, bring up my blogging and how they wished I would start back again. That not only encouraged me that I was reaching at least a handful of people in a positive way, but made me realize that I missed it so much and needed to do this for my own happiness as well. I’ve always loved blogging as a creative outlet, and while time constraints due to being busy made me stop, my own insecurity and doubts kept me from coming back. So, in this beautiful season in my life, six short months from marrying the love of my life and happy as ever, I figured that I have so much to share that could potentially help others as well as document this time for myself and family (present and future members) to look back on.

photo (4)

With that in mind, part of what I love to share in hopes of helping my fellow ladies is style! Those who know me know I love finding a good deal, and I don’t believe that you have to spend a fortune to feel confident and beautiful in what you are wearing.

photo (1)photo (2)photo (5)photo (3)photoDress: Dress Up (Sold Out, similar one HERE), Booties: Altar’d State (Sold Out, similar HERE, HERE), Necklace: Dress Up, Bracelet Stack: Pink Elephant Designs (Etsy shop HERE), Earrings: Altar’d State (Similar HERE), Ring: My handsome man ;).

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love the pockets on this dress and couldn’t keep my hands out of them! I grabbed it at a Dress Up sale for $19, and although it is not available anymore, they are constantly getting new arrivals and having sales like that all. the. time. So, I highly suggest you follow any of their social media pages to figure out when they have sales so that you can snag some of their adorable clothes at a good price! I also got the booties at the Altar’d State Semi-Annual Sale for something like $15? It is usually a very pricey store, but if you know the right time to go, you get some great pieces for great prices!

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! And if you are doubting pursuing a passion of yours, do it! There is no time like the present, and if it makes you happy, that is all that matters.

Much love,

Konnor with a K

P.S. MAJOR photo creds to the man behind the camera, my wonderful fiance, he is a huge source of encouragement and not to mention a great photographer!

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