Let’s Talk, Let’s Talk: 12 Things I Believe to be Good for the Soul

Today I thought I would share a few things that just lift my spirits and make me genuinely happy. There’s certain things that I think are just truly and honestly good for a persons soul, not only their body but their soul! There are certain fleeting moments where we experience deep feelings of joy, contentment and peace that we realize are not just emotions, but our soul telling us, “You were made for this and much more!” It isn’t easy feeling that way in our crazy, hectic, day to day life. We know we’re happiest and the best version of ourselves when we slow down and do the things that may not necessarily be “productive” or “useful,” and yet we somehow can’t slow ourselves down to do them enough. So, 12 (ok, maybe 13) things that I believe to my soul good.

1. Driving with the windows down and the music up.

2. Holding a puppy (or any small animal for that matter.)


My dog just had puppies a few months ago, and to come home to a snuggly, cute-as-can-be litter of puppieswas sometimes just what I needed.

3. Enjoying a meal with zero thought of or care for calories.

While it is important to eat right and be healthy, good food was not put on this earth to never be enjoyed. Indulge in your favorite foods every now and then, no matter how deep fried and smothered it is!

4. Spending time and talking with people who share in what you believe.

Often times, we can find ourselves feeling a bit alone and crazy because it seems like we may stand for or believe in something that no one else does. There is always someone. Find that someone and set aside time to hang out and support each other when you can, it is so helpful in the long haul.

5. Watching the sun rise/set.





One of my favorite things in this world to do.

6. Taking time away from any form of technology. br />

The week I spent in Jamaica without my phone was one of the happiest, most peaceful and content weeks of my life.

7. Having Christmas lights in your room all year round.

Hey, it’s creates a nice ambiance!

8. Laying in your bed after a long day and saying a prayer of thanks for how comfy and warm it is.

9. Staying up till obscene hours of the night (or possibly morning) talking with friends despite having work the next day.

At the end of the day, you’re probably gonna be exhausted anyways, why not be exhausted for a good reason?

10. Prayer.

11. Sending and receiving snail mail.

I cannot tell you how happy I get when I receive mail, actual mail! I remember how I ran to the mailbox like every day when I was snail mailing one of my best friends, it makes you appreciate talking with them all the more and gets you excited to check the mail!

12. Giant, comfy, snuggle-y sweaters.

13. (For girls:) No makeup days!

I’ll talk more about 13 in another post, but until then have a great Monday everybody, start the week off right! What are some things that make you genuinely happy? Do them :).
Konnor with a K

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