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A Few of My Favorite Things: Palazzo Pants + Aztec Prints

Dudes, I love that pants that feel like pajamas are actually a stylish thing. Seriously, I could get used to this considering it’s a struggle to get out a t-shirt and running shorts most days!

IMG_2262IMG_2265IMG_2261{Outfit Deets: Top- Charlotte Russe, Palazzo Pants- Von Maur, Tank- F21, Shoes- DSW, Purse (below) – (Mom’s haha) Kohls, Necklace- (my sister KK’s) Entourage, Earrings- F21, Ring: American Threads}

IMG_2264 IMG_2267 IMG_2269 IMG_2268 IMG_2263We were in the mall on a mission to find Klaire her bridesmaid dress off the rack, and we went into the fancy department store Von Maur. Let me just tell you, I’ve been making fun of that store for FOREVER. I literally had watched a couple speed away in their white, two door convertible Lexus in their nice tennis outfits, laughing haughtily at me and my sister as we ran over a cone in her Suzuki. From then on it was always pronouncing “Vohnnn Mauuu” in an overly dignified accent and making fun of its fanciness. “Can you believe they have a person playing live piano in there? How unnecessary is that?!” “Sorry I don’t want your overly expensive clothing, NO THANKS!” But this fateful day, that all changed. As we walked through the trendy boutique-y section of the store I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw these pants on a mannequin.

“Yo, hold up, I need to figure out where those pants are!”

I desperately searched until I found only two pairs left hidden in the racks. I was afraid to look at the tag to be honest, I mean what could I expect from a store like Vohnnn Mauuuuu other than outrageous and out of reach. Through one eye I read $32.00 and almost let out a whoop! After further exploration of the store as well, I came to realize I may have judged a book by its cover. You’re not to bad Von Maur ;).


Konnor with a K

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