25 Places to Go + Things to Do This Summer: Georgia Edition

Let me give you a little background on how this post came about!

One of my best friends is notorious for asking me to help him plan his dates/any romantic moment he wants to plan. The time he said “I want a good first date idea” was the beginning of my reputation as Georgia’s best wing woman. As his relationship is hitting six months (thanks to me! Ha, kidding. Maybe.), I was helping him plan a special date when I realized that I am always the one asked what to do by my friends, always told to make the plans and inform everyone! I enjoy this a lot, but it just became evident to me that I am always planning stuff and sharing ideas with other people! My friends and I have a summer bucketlist that I created. I even shared some of the best hiking spots in Georgia with a woman at the spa because she mentioned she needed some time outdoors! The ideas and planning just seem to gravitate toward me.

I figured, why not just put it on the blog and help some people fill their free summer days with fun things to do? Some are free, some are not, but they are guaranteed to be worth it! So without further ado…..

1. Tallulah Gorge: Me and a few of my siblings went there this morning, and I can tell you right now, not only is it an awesome hike, but one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid eyes on. After hiking down and past the waterfalls, eventually you will reach the Gorge. If you have never been, there waits a natural water slide made of smooth stone with water running over it! So fun to slide down, just make sure to wear a bathingsuit and running shorts! Great cool down. Warning: wear a good, sturdy pair of shoes or hiking boots and get there as soon as the park opens so you can get a hiking permit! Check out a video of us sliding into the Gorge on my Instagram!

gorge gorge 1 gorge 3 image (1) image gorge 2

2. The Georgia Aquarium at Night: New spin on typical Georgia thing to do! Did you know that during the summer they have night hours? Going there at that time would allow for a much less crowded, peaceful experience of the beautiful displays.

3. Star-gazing: Grab a bunch of blankets and pillows (having a truck bed would be ideal,) drive out to somewhere remote and play some peaceful music in your car while you enjoy your friends or significant others company under the stars!

4. The Indian Seats: A much shorter hike than Tallulah Gorge, the Indian Seats have several trails to the lookout point in the Sawnee Mountain Preserve. Take the short route, take the long route, either is worth the view at the top! Tip: pack snacks!

5. Adrenaline Climbing: One of the most fun indoor rock climbing places I’ve ever been to! Friendly staff teach you how rock climb and have several walls according to levels of experience and what kind of experience you want. This requires a minimum of two people, one to climb and the other to adjust the rope as someone goes up!

6. Water Gun Fighting: When was the last time you fought with water guns? Go to Walmart, get some heavy duty super soakers and set the rules for an intense water gun war.

7. Drive-In Movie: Have you ever been to a drive-in movie? There’s more than you’d think in the Atlanta area! Definitely a great way to spend your evening.

8. Outdoor Movie: If drive in isn’t your thing, grab a picnic blanket and head to Centennial Olympic Park or anywhere else in Georgia that offers outdoor movies! They play old (Breakfast at Tiffany’s ❤ ) to new, and the best part is that they’re free!

9. Rock City: Ok, this is the exception to the rule when it comes to everything being in Georgia. Rock City is in Tennessee, but is VERY close to Georgia (2 hours from myself.) Definitely a good day trip! Fun hike, breathe-taking view.

10. Amicalola Falls: Yet another beautiful hike with waterfalls and views for days!

11. Lake Lanier Water Park: This spot largely seems to have been forgotten, but it is such a fun little water park and a great place to spend the day when its hot.

12. Tubing in Helen: For $3 a person, you can enjoy a 1-2 hour tube ride down the Chattahoochee River. You can laze your way down or pull your tube to the side and swim in the deeper spots, just make sure to wear some kind of water shoes! Then after, spend your day in the cute little town complete with mini golf, funnel cakes, a tiny water park, little shops, the whole shebang.

13. Laser Quest: If you have not been here, you have not lived. I highly suggest a bigger group for this, although two works fine. Love laser tag? Love medieval architecture? Are you competitive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a few games of laser tag here is the thing for you! The minute you set foot into the castle and dungeon filled, two story laser tag room, you know you’ll never go back to boring old laser tag again.

14. Picnic: Actually take time and plan a nice picnic complete with a good menu and then set out to find the perfect spot to chow down. Drive until you find your ideal spot or plan it ahead, its up to you!

15. Assassin in the Mall: The rules of the game are simple, everyone gets a black marker and draws their targets name out of a hat, keeping it a secret. Once everyone disperses, you must find your target and mark them with the marker with no other players within 10 feet of them. If you succeed, you get their target and move on to try and mark them. If you are marked, you are out and give your target to the person who marked you! Playing this in the mall is intense. Just don’t get kicked out of any stores ;).

16. Andretti’s: This little go carting place is so much fun and offers other fun things to do!

17: Go Roller Blading: When was the last time you did that? If the answer is for your end of the year soccer party when you were 7, its been too long. Sure, the places are usually trashy. Are the skates growing undiscovered forms of bacteria? Maybe. But seriously, so fun. Or ice skating If bladin’ isn’t your thang. Plus, a nice way to cool down from the humidity! The Ice is a really nice rink and only a few years old!

18. Good Local Concerts: Look for your favorite artists or venture to some new ones, concerts in the summertime are the bomb diggity! Check the Masquerade, the Tabernacle, the Loft and Aaron’s Ampitheatre to see if anyone you know is coming to good ole’ GA.

19. Laser Show: I just went to the Stone Mountain laser show this year since I was little, and I enjoyed it so so much! In addition to the classic stuff in the laser show, some new songs and parts have been added, followed by fireworks at the end. And its freeeeeeee!

stone mountain 3 stone mountain 1 stone mountain 2Me and my friends celebrating our dear Sofia’s birthday at the laser show 🙂

20. Bike Ride/Walk/Run on the Greenway: Not only is it exercise, but a good time to catch up with someone and enjoy the weather (can you tell I like the outdoors yet? :))

21. Host Your Own “Chopped”: If you haven’t seen the show, look it up! Designate three people (or however many you’d like) as judges, and get as many competitors as you want (teams work as well!) Have someone not competing buy weird “mystery ingredients” that, once they are revealed to you, must be included when you cook each course in a timed manner. Have the judges decide who to chop at the end of each course until on person or team remains! Fun evening, make sure your pantry is well stocked with basics beforehand!

22. Make a Slip N Slide: Grab some tarps and head over to a house with a nice hill and a hose and you’re set! To make it even more fun, grab some sprinklers to set around it or have it going into a lake or pool if possible!

23. Go Berry or Apple Picking: In the morning, Berry Patch Farm is misty and beautiful, and you can venture to pick all the pesticide-free blueberry’s you want for less than $2 a pound (trust me, you won’t get past 2 pounds.) Take them back home and make a fresh pie or cobbler that is guaranteed to leave you with a food baby.

berry picking 1 berry pickingberry picking 2Kelsey, her boyfriend Vinny and myself berry picking this 4rh of July 🙂

24. Go to a Park for a Pick Up Game: Get some friends and grab the old football, soccer ball, volleyball or frisbee from the bin in your garage and get word of a pick up game around! Being in a big group playing sports is one of the best things in this world, even if you’re not “sporty.” Everyone pitching in to cookout after is always fun too!

25. Game Night: Play it outdoors or indoors, it doesn’t matter! Grab apples to apples (or cards against humanity if you’re like me ;)), marbles, catch phrase and other random board games and leave your evening open to play a bunch of games together. Some of my best memories are bringing friends home for game night!

Bonus things: Lake beach days, Braves games, local mission work, bonfires, six flags etc.

Well that’s all for now, any things you like to do for the summer?


Konnor with a K

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