A Few of My Favorite Things: Fringe + Funky Fresh Hair


Since I’m such an inconsistent blogger, I’ve decided to cut the whole “I’m backkkkk” and “I’m committing to blogging now yay!” stuff haha! I’m pretty non-committal as is, so I think I’m just kidding myself here if I say I’ll do this every week. Have you ever tried blogging? It’s time consuming man, I’ll tell ya.

I don’t know what it was about today though, the beautiful summer weather? The outfit I was particularly fond of? Both? Gave me the creative urge to get outside and take some pictures.

Side Note: Fringe-y tops double as boredom entertainment, I swear I’ve been messing with the end of my shirt all. day. long. The many I got recently will prove handy for long car rides and slow work days haha!

IMG_2257 IMG_2255 IMG_2251

{Outfit Deets: Fringe Tank- TJ Maxx, Bandeau- Aeropostale, Maxi- Random boutique in Athens who’s name escapes me haha, Sandals- DSW, Earrings- F21, Rings: Francesca’s, American Threads, Kohl’s.}


IMG_2254 IMG_2258IMG_2253 IMG_2260While we’re going off on tangents, I finally got my hair cut after over a year and finally (sort of) figured out how to curl it without looking like Shirley Temple. YESSSSSSSS! Now the really challenge will be doing it again ;).

Oh yes, back to the outfit. I’m really really excited about the fact that most of the common trends currently are all extremely loose and comfy. Kimonos, maxi skirts, palazzo pants, loose shirts, soft material, all that jazz! It just makes for a happier day. Will we look back 10 years from now and hate the way we dressed? Maybe. But I’m just gonna take advantage of this comfy style period :).
Have a great week!
Konnor with a K


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