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A Few of My Favorite Things: Flannel, Fringe + Black Friday Steals

Hooowwwww! (Cue dramatic hand motion)
20131130-175137.jpg Sorry, trying to channel my inner Pocahontas. I can’t help it, it’s the boots! Speaking of these boots I had to go through A LOT to get them. You know the 8pm almost Black Friday $20 boot sale at Belk? Yeah, nuff said. I love the sale just as much as anyone, but the fact that it started on Thanksgiving already kinda irked me. So, me and the little sis get there a camp out, and boy did we get there just in time because after we got in line the line began to stretch around the building. So the doors finally open and I get a gift card for being one of the first 250. The race is on. I’m just here getting some Christmas presents in place of my mom, and it’s beyond packed. Boxes flying, barely any wiggle room, people grabbing for stacks of boots and running, it was chaos in the highest sense. As I’m reaching for a pair of boots, my gift card was stolen, yes, stolen from me! Peachy start to the adventure right? After having difficulty finding my sister, we finally found what we wanted and headed to a checkout line, which turned out to take half an hour to get through. The lady at the counter gave my a generous discount after hearing my card got stolen and that was the highlight of the evening for me! Me and Klaire got out of there mentally exhausted but happy with our Christmas finds. I do not intend on braving Black Friday again anytime soon though! If a Hunger Games style battle for discounted products is your thing then I highly suggest trying it.




20131130-175435.jpg {Denim Button Up: Old Navy, Flannel Shirt: Bongo, Jeans: F21, Fringe Boots: Belk, Necklace and Chain Bracelet: F21, Leather “Life is Good” Bracelet: Coriacious}




Oh, and in honor of Small Business Saturday, I’m featuring some products from my friends at Coriaceous, a leather accessories company! All of their products are handmade from 100% America leather and are totally customizable. I’ll be featuring more of their products in the future, this is just a lil’ sneak peak for ya ;). Go check out their site!
Konnor with a K

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