Goodness Gray-cious!

How’d ya like that title? 😉 #corny

My current love (one which my sister inspired in me,) is gray! All shades of it! And no, that does not imply that I like/have read that  book….dat thing is nastyyyy. Anywho, my mom and I just had the biggest discussion on how one should spell gray. Grey or gray?

Can I pose a question for this? Why does a color have two spellings?! It’s only a color! Did it get all full of itself and decide one name wasn’t good enough? I don’t even know. But I do know that I love it and that is that! And I have the biggest want for that ombre coat in the middle that I found, but alas! It’s almost $300. So tragic. Maybe that’ll make for a good eventual project though! 🙂 Speaking of ombre, I’m having a close friend of mine do just that to my hair! I hope it actually has a result this time! Will post when it happens!


Thoughts on Gray?


Konnor with a K

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