Thanks for the Memories: Katelyn and Rick’s Engagement!

kkrick7Well, I’ve finally gotten around to posting my sweet sister and her now fiance’s engagement story! And, can I just say, does that photo make you wanna cry? It makes me wanna cry, so much emotion! Must have had a great photographer 😉 (hint hint wink wink it was me!)

So without further delay, the story we’ve all been waiting for!

A week or so before the actual engagement, my parents finally chose to tell me that Rick had taken them to dinner where he asked for my sister’s hand in marriage. This, of course, was not surprising to me. But the whole idea of my lifelong dream of Katelyn and Rick getting married was finally happening! So I was kinda freakin’ out. Rick invited us out to dinner with his whole family where he showed us the ring, which is a ROCK, and we talked about how he was going to propose. kkrick5Come next Sunday, everything was mapped out. Both families were at Mass, claiming to have made “last minute” plans to watch the Falcons game together after church. Since Katelyn and Ricks “first date” of sorts was in adoration at the same church, the proposal had a lot of sentimental value. After Mass, Rick was going to go up and light a candle with Katelyn, where he would propose.

The end of Mass was approaching fast and we were all getting jittery, especially Rick! At one point, Katelyn leaned over and said “Hey are you ok? You seem sick!” Little did she know he was just love sick 😉 Ok, corniness aside, Mass ended and we were all sitting not so casually, phones and cameras ready. Conveniently, a large percentage of the perish felt the need to light a candle at the end of Mass, so Katelyn and Rick stood and waited until the area cleared out a bit.

Finally, they lit a candle together! Rick spoke with Katelyn privately in front of the candles, and after a moment he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket! The flood of emotions on Katelyn’s face said it all. Everyone still in the church burst into applause and I was already in action taking pictures! The best part was Katelyn telling him he was putting the ring on the wrong hand, haha! kkrick6 kkrick3 kkrick1 kkrick2

One of the most beautiful parts of the proposal was the simplicity of it all. These days it’s the ultimate competition to see who can have the most out-done, over-the top proposal involving death stunts, flash mobs, and sky diving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about grand gestures, but we get so caught up that we forget about the beauty in the little things of great value. The proposal represented how their relationship revolved around God and each other, and that blows all the other ones out of the park in my opinion. kkrick4Getting a blessing after the proposal. Presh.

So, that’s the story. My couple role models are finally getting married. We have a super exciting year of wedding planning, gushing over pins and magazines, and dress fittings ahead of us! Can’t wait 🙂


Konnor with a K

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