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A Few of My Favorite Things: Leopard + Lace

Is everyone having a good weekend? Mine is good solely because I know that Monday I will be passed out in my bed till about noon enjoying the fact that there is no school! #highschoolprobs.

image (2) image (3) image (4) image (7) image (9) image (10) image (12){Denim Jacket: Target, Lace Crop Top: T.J. Maxx, Black Tank: Honestly have no clue where I got it haha, Mint Hi Low Skirt: Francesca’s, Leopard Flats: Target, Sunglasses: T.J. Maxx, Bracelets: Ave Maria Gifts, Target, Rings: James Avery, Athens street vendor.}image (13) image (11)

Honestly, it’s just one of those awkward days where almost everything in your outfit is from the same place! Hey, I’m totally fine wearing an all Target outfit any day of the week! 😉

Anyways, the weather continues to tease us (shocker,) and so now it is extremely hot again! Don’t let the jacket or rain clouds fool you, most of the day I didn’t wear it because of the heat! I will tell you what it is good for though! That transition from outdoor to indoor! You know when you’re so hot outside and you go inside somewhere where the people decide its a good idea to arctic blast the place with AC and you get really cold super fast? Layers for this time of year are key! Having a light jacket, cardi, or scarf that you can take off or put on easily is great for comfort and never fails to make someone look put together!

Enjoy your holiday! Love,

Konnor with a K

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