Nooks + Niches

Nooks and Niches: Closet Edition

New series, yayyyy! 🙂

What’s great about this is it’s a simple and easy go to, all I gotta do is snap a couple pictures of my favorite places, whether it be my favorite trail to run on or little nooks around the house :). Although I am not pristine….ok not really clean at all, my closet is the one place I try really hard to keep organized and in order. I gotta go in there to pick out my outfit, I don’t want it to be depressing! Ya get me? Cool. Something that really helped me get some of my accessories in place was this adorable Owl Scarf Hanger that a friend of mine got me for my birthday, which made the floor, which I had set a bin on and thrown them in, much less cluttered, and displayed my scarves beautifully, one of which she also got me! (hint: it looks like a peacock!)

003 004 002Yeahhhh if you can’t tell, I like my scarves. I also enjoyed trying to get all artsy and do some photography on my own instead of having someone else shooting for a change!

Oh, and if you were wondering, the paper on the walls are notes me and my best friend have written each other throughout all of highschool. New additions are always coming in, but not only are they beautiful and colorful, but are great to read on a sad and/or nostalgic day to brighten the mood! 🙂

What are some of your favorite spots?

Until next time! Love,

Konnor with a K


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