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A Few of My Favorite Things: Easter


Did you miss me?

I knew you did ;).

With everything that was going on (school, soccer, etc..) I just really needed a break from blogging. While I love it to death, it can be extremely stressful always having the pressure of putting a new post out! My goal is to one day in life have time where I can dedicate myself entirely to blogging, but seeing as I am a crazy busy highschooler right now, that will have to wait!

So, this is the first time in this series I am talking about a single favorite thing! Why? CAUSE IT’S EASTER! What does that mean for me exactly? Well, glad you asked!

It means..

1.) Jesus has risen from the dead for me, is there any way I could feel more loved?

2.) I get an awesome Easter basket (the girls get a new pair of shoes each year, tradition ;).)

2013-04-01 03.06.37My rockin’ Easter basket stuffer. The EB knows me well ;).

3.) There are no limits on food. Big southern family Easter means food comas.

4.) The cray outfits! When me and the sibs were little, our Easter outfits consisted of poofy dresses, floppy hats, gloves, the whole nine yards. I’ve traded in the garden party style (mostly anyways 😉 ) for a different kind of bold. I like to look fresh and colorful on Easter  while keeping it modern and chic.

{Dress: Francesca’s, Shoes: (gifted) Rack Room, Bracelet: Ave Maria, Earrings: Aeropostale, Rings: James Avery, Aeropostale.}

2013-04-01 03.04.22 2013-04-01 03.07.16

But, my all time favorite part is #5, being with family. I just got home from having the time of my life with my big family. We ate, talked, had my cousin gush about her recent engagement, and played card games for a majority of the night! I am so blessed to have such an awesome family. My only wish is that my Grandma (we call her Monna,) and Grandpa could’ve been here along with my Aunt, Uncle, and two little cousins. They both live far away and this was one of the first holidays celebrated without my grandparents since they just moved down to Florida permanently. I missed them, but I know I will see them soon! I hope y’all’s Easters were all awesome!

Favorite part? 🙂


Konnor with a K

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