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A Few of My Favorite Things: Resolutions, Resuming My TV Shows, and Bits of Spring

Hello everyone!

Want to know a major new years resolution of mine for 2013?!

Blog more consistently! Along with a laundry list of other things; get all a’s, work out and train for soccer, do better spiritually, it goes on. We’ll see how that goes ;). But, in all seriousness, I never follow through with my resolutions so this is the year I will! I’ll be sure and keep y’all posted on that!

Shirt: American Eagle, Jeans: Max Azria, Booties: Forever 21, Necklace: Online, Bangles: Old Navy, Watch: Charming Charlie.

Sooooo, school is back, the wonderful, hazy dream known as the Holidays is interrupted by the cold outdoors at 7 AM telling us that our messed up sleep schedule isn’t gonna fly anymore. Despite not wanting to go back, it was a great first day of seeing friends and catching up! One of the major perks of the end of winter break is the end of the winter break for my TV shows! *cue angels singing. I don’t know what y’all like to watch, but I am a HUGE fan of The Office, How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Up All Night, Modern Family, and several others. Hey…..don’t judge ;). I will openly admit I am a series addict. And I am SOOOO excited for the new season of the Bachelor! I know girls all say that show is trash, but lets be real here, it’s pretty juicy!

Ok, ok, enough Konnor. Here’s your outfit post! 🙂

123 (4)Forget me not.120 (3) 131Oh, one last thing. It’s totally ok to start throwing some springy colors into your winter wardrobe. It may still be cold out, but everyone is eagerly anticipating the pastels, brighter colors, less layering. So start adding that minty green and peachy pink, but don’t go too overboard!


Konnor with a K


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