Thanks for the Memories: Christmas 2012

A little belated but…


I have done nothing this break but enjoy Christmas with my family and sleep! It’s been pretty great, not gonna lie. I hope everyone had an amazing, blessed Christmas and are gearing up for a new year! I am ready for a fresh start, and I have a feeling 2013 is going to have a lot in store. We had our extended family to our house for Christmas this year, and among the Christmas festivities, a few favorite moments.

1.) Helping decorate our home for the festivities…029 (5) 030 (5) 032 (6) 031 (6)2.) Enjoying the AMAZING food (let us take a moment to thank God for moms that can cook :).) 027 (7) 033 (6) 035 (7) 034 (8)3.) Family time (especially with my favorite lil’ cousins!)036 (7) 037 (8) 039 (7)Her little smile!
4.) Spending Christmas Eve with the fam! Matching jammies, Christmas movie marathon (It’s a Wonderful Life and Muppet Christmas Carol.), and MORE good food!043 (4) 045 (6)5.) Christmas day 🙂 (Presents, glorious breakfast, beautiful Mass, massive naps.)042 (4) 047 (7)Joe crying when he opened his Kindle! Toooo presh.

I hope everyone’s Christmas’ were as full of love and happiness as mine was! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!


Konnor with a K


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