Christmas DIY: Wrap Bracelets

Following up with a DIY now…

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m doing all homemade Christmas gifts this year for Christmas for the fam with a few little store bought things! Now that I have a little more time to work on my gifts I finally finished my sister Katelyn’s gift, a set of wrap bracelets! I got to take a lil bit of me time to play some Christmas music, light my Christmas Bath and Bodyworks candles and work on these babies in peace. They’re super easy to make and I’m really happy with how they turned out! Here’s the how to!

Supplies needed:

-Deerskin lace (1/8 inch diameter) from Hobby Lobby ($2.47 ea.) (The brown wrap bracelet has a thinner lace, I think it’s 1/32 inch!)
-Bag of various assortment of wooden beads from Hobby Lobby ($5.00)
-Super glue or hot glue from Hobby Lobby ($3.00)


Step 1: Measure the deerskin lace around your wrist to a length where it can wrap a couple of times comfortably. Don’t forget the extra length needed to make the loophole and fastener!

Step 2: Take super or hot glue and make a tiny loophole small enough to hold the bead fastener. Decide on the size based on the bead you will use.

Step 3: String the beads onto the bracelet (warning: it’s a bit tricky because the deerskin lace is kind of thick so it takes a little patience 🙂 .) Be creative, use different sizes and colors of beads and make your own patterns! 😀

Step 4: Make a fastener by looping a large bead in the end of the lace and glue it!


And there you go! An easy, super cute holiday gift idea :). If any of y’all try it out please post pictures on the like page or comment and let me know! 🙂


Konnor with a K


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