Christmas DIY: Body Wrap


Hello all! Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m late to the holiday DIY scene. Well, I agree, but being a highschool blogger is no piece of cake, so I’m running slightly behind! Ask any one, I’ve never been the best with keeping time…:) Anywho, so on Black Friday, I was roaming Kohl’s with my mom and she told me how much she liked this body wrap/cape thing. She obviously casually begged for it for Christmas suggested it would be a good Christmas gift for her. My DIY brain turned on, I asked for the car, and rushed of to Hobby Lobby (which is kinda my favorite store anyways.) I wanted to make a super trendy, one that she would love and wouldn’t be weird unique like the other one (sorry for when you read this mom!) So I decided on black with a hounds tooth interior. So…so…classy. That’s the word. So I set off to work, here are the directions! (P.S. I am going to put a button on the front and add more trim, but you get the jist!) 068 (2)


2 yards of black fleece, 2 yards of hounds tooth, measuring tape, scissors, sewing materials, liquid stitch, 3-4 spools of velvet trim.

Step 1:

Cut material the same length and width. I kept the width roughly at 1 1/2 yds and the length was about to my arm, but lengths will vary depending on who you make it for. Cut a U shaped cutout at the top center for the neck, measure it based on the length from the back of your neck to the top of your chest.

Step 2: Sew and/or liquid stitch the fabric so there is an interior and exterior. If you choose to use liquid stitch, apply liberally and let it dry for a day.

069 (2)

Step 3: Add velvet trim to desired areas after measuring. Apply liquid stitch or sew on.

And voila! Since I’m not a pro seamstress, this was a bit of an experimentation for me, but I had a lot of fun and I know my mom will love it. This year, after watching a video shared by a fellow blogger, (who has an awesome blog by the way) I was really touched and considered making all my gifts. The idea was reinforced when my sister told me she was going to do it. Such a role model. But this is the first of many Christmas DIYs, and if your mom gets cold really easily like mine does, she would love something like this. Be ambitious and make some gifts! Please let me know how it goes if you do :).


Konnor with a K

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