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A Few of My Favorite Things: Haircuts, Hats, and Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving break!

If you are not on it yet- God bless you! To be honest, I don’t know how much longer I could’ve gone without a break. Which leads to an additional favorite thing; waking up in the morning and realizing you can sleep in for nine more days.

Pure bliss.

So, anywho, for those of you who read one of my more recent posts, I talked about how I had a little inner turmoil on deciding whether or not to cut my hair. Weellllll…I kinda chose to forego the opinions and just chop it, haha! Getting haircuts can also teach a very valuable lesson. While I was thinking about what haircut I should get and how short, I came to the conclusion that it’s just hair. I was so worried about something that would just grow back. I shouldn’t be so attached to something that can go back to exactly how it was if I really didn’t like it. So, I went and chopped off five inches of hair, and I love it! It feels so light and it’s so easy to take care of. Plus, it still has some good length to it, so it’s safe to say I’m happy with it. 😀 Anyone debating a change? If so, what? 🙂

{Gingham button down: Kohl’s, Leather motorcycle jacket: Sage, Jeans: American Eagle, Riding boots: DSW, Hat: F21, Necklace: American Threads.}

Continue enjoying the break, I know I will. 🙂


Konnor with a K

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