Ombre Hair DIY Take 1!

Hey followers!

I hope the start of your week has been good! Like I promised, I am going to show you my nonexistant ombre hair. Ever since I got a Pinterest, I dreamed of the day I would dye my hair ombre. I decided to be proactive while at Target one day and get the dye. I took a lot of time looking up and down the HUGE shelf of hair products till I found one I thought would do the job. I was so excited, I did it that night. You can imagine how absolutely crushed I was when my hair changed in NO WAY whatsoever except for making it slightly lighter at the bottom. Such a bummer. It wasn’t until the next day I learned you had to bleach your hair before you do it if it’s dark. Whoops! I will be doing it again soon with the help of my best friend who has done streaks of every color in the book in her hair! Will post the results, but here’s the process from the first time! 🙂

The goods! 🙂Step 1: take the top layers of your hair and clip them on top to section the lower layers.Step 2: Take down the layers and section those into three sections as well, each smaller than the first.Mom gettin’ in on it!
Step 3: Voila!Step 4: Dye the sections from tip to top, giving the tips a five minute head start to give it the fading affect. Do the same for the other sections.While my hair looks nice and ombre here, I can assure you it was because of the flash. No one could tell I’d even done it! So sad, but it’ll take more than one try to get me down! I can assure you this is gonna happen. Will post on the next results!

Anyone tried any cool hair lately? Comment or post pictures on my FB page and let me see! 🙂


Konnor with a K

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