Thanks for the Memories: Powder Puff Football

Hello followers!

Big benchmark, Konnor with a K has reached over 2,000 views, which is a pretty big deal to me! 🙂 Thanks for all the views and support, I love it! Just a reminder, you can get updates on my blog posts by liking my Facebook page (Konnor with a K), following my Instagram (konnorwithak), and my Pinterest (Konnor McDonald)! So, as part of my celebration, I wanted to start a new series on my personal life as a highschooler! The things I experience and the people I know are all such blessings, and I want to share that with others! As a junior, it’s a huge rarity to win powder puff. I have only seen it done once and I along with my whole class did not expect it to happen. After the first game, our game with the freshmen, one of our awesome players, Abbey, had gotten hurt badly. After that, something changed in our team. We came together as a class and were ready to win, no matter what it took. After winning against the freshmen who played awesome, the seniors had beaten the sophomores who also fought very hard. Our awesome junior boys cheered us on along with the rest of crowd while we went into triple over time. After a long back and forth game, we finally scored the winning touchdown and everyone stormed the field! I had never experienced school spirit and class unity like that before, it was so awesome! This was definetly a night I will never forget.

Me and Sofia with the Senior captains doing the coin toss!
Praying for Abbey’s injury as a team!
Down, set, hike!
They had a winning routine! See it here!
Victory cheers!

Needless to say, it was one of the best nights ever. Love my class!

Konnor with a K

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