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A Few of My Favorite Things: Picking and the 50’s.

Ok, so something that has been my not-so-secret obsession this summer, and that has been my love of the retro 50’s style! I can never get enough of that classic look, whether it be capris and a flat, a bandanna, or a dress with that vintage-y vibe. I know several people who love the look, but don’t think they could ever pull it off. I say go for it! It doesn’t have to be a full on blast from the past, but subtle hints add interest to almost any outfit.

Testing out some dance moves! Bandanna: Michael’s,  T-shirt: Target, Key Necklace: DIY, Jeans: AE, Flats: Target.

Gettin’ my Lucille Ball on right here 😉

Alright, a show of hands for those who know was picking is! *no one raises hands. Yeah, not many people do. To put it simply, it’s going out to look for cool antiques and whatnot, some people even do it for a living (the show American Pickers is me and my family’s addiction!) Although I do not get to go out and do it very much, we have this cute little place right by my house called the Green Bean and that is where I got my uber cool key! I was seeing keys on necklaces a lot on Pinterest, so as soon as I saw that basket of $1 keys, I was a goner. I’m unsure of if I want to paint it or put it on a new chain, but there might be a new DIY in your future ;). Another thing, while my hair was slightly deflated due to heat, I had awesome sockbun curls if you saw them on instagram (konnorwithak) and I’ll do a tutorial soon! 🙂

Antique Key!
Trying to get creative with the shoot! 🙂

So, what time period do you like to take style inspiration from?

Love, Konnor with a K


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