Summer Vacation: Part 2 :)

Well, happy birthday to me 😉
Chillin’ poolside with my new B-day present!
Sistas too!

Part two, oh yeah! 🙂 For those of you who read my first post on my vacation in Destin, this is the follow up! I had such an amazing time with my family and I wanted to share it with everyone! The next couple of days on the vacation were SO much fun! We caught about a million hermit crabs, found a shark on the beach, and on one of the last days we celebrated my 16th birthday! Pretty fun stuff right there.

In honor of my best friend, I wore the dress she gave me for my birthday out for my birthday dinner, she knows my taste! She got the dress in Spain while she was there, so I can’t give any definite place where she got it, but it is super cute and comfy, you have not seen the last of this dress! 🙂 It was such an great birthday, probably because I am blessed with a great family.

My BEAUTIFUL birthday dessert 🙂
WHAT?! I get S’mores served at my table too?!
Me and Kels tryin’ to be Pinterest-y 😉

Unfortunately, I was unable to do my DIY this week because I have been sick for the past couple days, but it is on its way! 🙂


Konnor with a K

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