Easy Headband Tuck-Up Do!

First hairstyle blog post, yay! I was looking to do something quick and easy with my hair today for Mass and whatnot, so I went on Pinterest for some inspiration! I found this quick tuck hairstyle that is doable for anyone with a few simple steps, and all that is required is a headband and comb!

Step 1: Take the top sections of hair on the back of your head and tease them lightly (to tease, pull up a small section, hold it up towards the ceiling, and brush it down in the opposite direction towards the scalp.) Do this until the back section of hair is elevated.

Step 2: Take the stretchy headband and place it right around the teased section.

Step 3: Pull the hair into one handful like you would for a ponytail, and tuck it into the back of the headband. This look is not supposed to be perfect, so let a few strands hang down if you want.

Voila! Simple as that! Hope you try it!

Love, Konnor with a K

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