Summer Vacation: Part 1 :)

Hello Konnor with a K fans!

I just got back from a trip with the family (plus my sister Katelyn’s boyfriend, Rick, who is practically my bro 🙂 ) to Destin, and I had such an AMAZING time! We took so many awesome pictures that I have to divide these posts into parts! We captured many fun memories :). Here are a few shots from the first couple days!

Oh Destin, I miss you already…Me and the fam at the Back Porch, yummm!Sissy duck face!My sister took a picture of me trying to be seductive and letting my hair down 😉 Necklace: Gifted, Floral Romper: Platos Closet, Earrings: New Orleans Boutique.Out on the balcony before dinner! Earrings: Target, Maxi Dress: Target, Crucifix: Gifted.Love my sisters, so blessed to have them!Again with the duck face?Me, Kelsey, Katelyn, and Schuyler Thompson at the Crab Trap! 😀

We are just scratching the surface here! As I mentioned previously, Ricks family, the Thompsons, surprised us by coming down to Destin for a bit while we were vacationing. We had a blast! Not gonna give away to much but we picked up a shark, caught several crabs, celebrated my birthday, and rode a ride called the Cyclone. You can guess by the name that it’s pretty intense and involves a LOT of spinning. I’d say it was a pretty successful week! 🙂 Can’t believe summer is coming to a close! Did you go anywhere during your summer vaca? Comment and tell me how it went! 


Konnor with a K

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