{My} Color of the Month!

Bikini Top: Victoria’s Secret. Lace Crop Top: Kohl’s (gift for my sissy when she gets home!) Fringe Satchel: Target. Bracelet: Ave Maria Gift Store. Nail Polish: American Eagle.

Hello Followers! 🙂

So, I decided to start the whole color of the month thing, because, as an artsy person, it’s kinda hard to have one DEFINITE favorite color! Know what I mean? ESPECIALLY with Pinterest always being one of my daily sites, they have me turned on to new color trends all the time! So, with me always flip floppin’ on what color is my favorite, I just decided to take it by month :). As of right now, teal (obviously) is kinda sorta my obsession. And, what is super good about teal, is that it looks beautiful on ANYONE! For me, it plays up my blue/green eyes. If you have dark hair, skin, eyes, or light hair, skin, or eyes, it will still look great! You hear that? It’s your mind being blown from realizing that it’s true ;). What’s your color preference right now?

American Eagle Outfitters Nail Color

 Love, Konnor with a K

P.S. I got a Facebook page for Konnor with a K, you can get to it by my Konnor with a K on FB button to the right! 🙂

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