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Bubble Necklaces and Blessings

J. Crew Bubble Necklace: eBay, $15. Striped T: Old Navy, $10. White Jeans: American Eagle, $25. Wedges: Old Navy, $25.

Hello Followers! 🙂

I am pleased to report that my week has started off awesome and I hope y’alls has as well! 😀 This Sunday, I went to the airport with the family of my best friend, Em, a.k.a my second family! The plan was to surprise her upon her return from her 17 day trip to Spain, and I could not have asked for a better reaction! She came out of the terminal, I ran up behind her from a near by airport store. She still had not seen me, so her parents were calling for her so she would turn around. After a frustrated “What?”, she turned her head and looked straight through me to her parents for a good three or four seconds! Then, her eyes focused on me, and we were hugging and laughing and screaming. God has blessed me with such a good friend, I’m glad to have her back for the rest of the summer! 🙂 A couple days later, I got a necklace in the mail that I had waited for weeks to arive! I found it on Pinterest, and knew that I had to order it! Since it is from J. Crew, ordering it from the site is very pricy, but I found it being sold brand new on Ebay for only $15 (in coral, my new favorite color!) Savvy shopper moment, woop woop! 🙂 Any thrifty shopping moments you guys have to share? Please comment and reply, I love me some feedback!


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