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A Few of My Favorite Things: Cutoffs and Sparklers!

Peasant Blouse: Charlotte Russe, Tribal Shorts: Made by me, Toms: American Threads

Hello followers! 🙂

After the DIY ombre jewelry holder I did just last week, I had caught what I like to call the “do-it-yourself fever.” Hobby Lobby was my drug. I was constantly looking for something crafty to do, and whenever I would get an idea I would be sure to write it down. Now, being both one of four sisters and having many girl friends, I tend to get a lot of hand me downs. So, when I saw these tribal, dip dyed, high waisted shorts, I ran straight for the plain old cutoffs buried in my closet that my friend had given me. After a couple hours of sewing, bleaching, designing, and washing, I got to wear my creation. I had turned something I would’ve never worn into a closet staple. It’s a pretty good feeling, not gonna lie. 😀 I know a couple of my friends as well as strangers had asked me to make them some or inquired on how I made them, so I decided I would let y’all be creative and try it out for yourselves! It is super easy and requires little to no money! 

End of the day, as I was getting ready to go babysit, my siblings surprised me with a little pre-fourth of July sparkler action. Very fun and memorable. It’s funny, I seem to forget sometimes to be thoughtful to others, and even if I wasn’t as selfless to them as I could have been that day, they invited me outside to share the few sparklers they had. It’s those little things from the youngest or oldest of people where we can see what Christ would do. 
Konnor with a K

4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Cutoffs and Sparklers!

  1. Konnor those are great shorts! Eons ago we did a similar thing bleaching jeans, but I love the design you added. So much talent!!

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