DIY: Ombré Jewelry Holder

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First DIY, woop woop! I even did the font in coral just for the occasion! This blog post is special not only because I am doing my first official do it yourself, but I learned how to insert links into my post! Super cool, right? 🙂 Hey, I’m still relatively new at this, so learning new things is extremely exciting! But, I got my inspiration for this jewelry holder from Pinterest, because I always see cool jewelry storage made from windows, old frames, mesh, etc…and I wanted to combine something along those lines with my love of ombre! This jewelry holder is made of a dollar store cork board, which is great, because while you can hang your larger earrings, necklaces, and bracelets on the little nails, any studs or small earrings can simply be pushed into the cork! 🙂 Very useful and cost me about $5! 

Step 1: The materials needed are a cork board of your size choice (mine is 9×12,) a white acrylic or craft paint along with another in the color of your choice (mine is coral,) small nails, three buttons, both a regular and a sponge paintbrush in any size, a spool of thread in the color of your choice (mine is white,) hot glue gun and hammer, and something to hang your finished 

product! 🙂

Step 2: Paint the top of the frame and about an inch of the sides with the plain white paint. The regular brush is good for this because their is no smudging required yet.

Step 3: Add very small amounts of the colored paint to the white paint and use the 

sponge brush to blend and smear the paint downwards to create the ombre look. It can 

take some experimentation but if you find the color too dark in contrast simply add a little more white and keep working on it!

Step 4: Once you’ve reached the bottom, use only the other color for the most 

concentrated coloring, completing the ombre look. Let the frame dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 5: On the 9 inch sides, measure each nail hole to be 2 1/2 inches apart. Mark and 

hammer nails in. On the 12 inch side, mark the holes to be about 3 1/4 inches apart. 

Mark and hammer nails in.

Step 6 (optional): The buttons are merely decorative, but if you want them, just fire up the hot glue gun and press them on!

Step 7: Cut 30 inch pieces of thread, and wrap one side around one half of the nail and other side around the other, that way the  

thread is doubled up to hold more weight, pull tight and tie on the opposite nail.

Step 8: Glue or attach the material you will use to hang your frame and voila, your 

project is done! 

Step 9: Hang up your masterpiece, display your jewelry on it, and be proud of your work! 

I had SO much fun making this, and it turned out to be extremely useful! The tray I keep in my room for jewelry always manages to tangle up the jewelry and definetly poses a problem. Now I have everything organized and I can find what I need easily. If you try this, please respond with comments and feedback! 😀

Love, Konnor with a K

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