How to: Target the Deals!

All my awesome target buys totaled under $50!
Fedora: $10, Fringe Satchel: $16, Gladiator Sandals: $13, Statement Earrings: $3, $4.
I lovee me some statement jewelry 🙂

Hello Followers! 🙂

Look for the orange-red mark-down tags!

I hope your week is going smoothly, I know mine is because my blog has reached over 1,000 views! Thank you followers for your views, it means so much knowing that you are reading Konnor with a K. Don’t be afraid to make comments or requests, I love hearing what you have to say! I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately, as well as following others (good source of inspiration!) and I know that if I want to post more, the likelihood of being able to dress up and have a photo shoot more than once a week is probably not going to happen. So, I thought it would be best if I did a few posts every now and then to tip you guys off to some things that tend to spark my fashion interest! 🙂 So, first of all:

1.) Do you LOVE Target?

2.) Do you LOVE saving money?

If you said no, perhaps I can change your mind. If you don’t already know, in the past year Target has been working with several up and coming designers for not only their clothes, but also interior design, to offer trending items at lower costs. “The Shops at Target” include or will include The Webster, The Candy Store, Cos Bar cosmetics, Polka Dog Baker, and Privet Home. Even in their designer sections, there are always clearance racks to be spotted. Most people think the clearance stickers mean the merchandise is damaged, while that is almost never the case. The mark-downs are usually to get rid of merchandise to make room for new shipments. Target clearance is almost like a treasure hunt! Sometimes, things will be marked down and put in obscure areas with only a few other things, or on shelves at the end of the isles, but it is well worth finding a perfectly good item for up to 50% off. I just went a few days ago and had to stop myself, because I was going to town on anything with a red sticker! So, next time you find yourself there, whip out your new-found knowledge of their clearance items and go to work! 😉


Konnor with a K

P.S. New make-up and hair tutorials to come! 🙂

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