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Hello Day 1! :)

Hello bloggersphere!

So, bear with me, I’m new to this stuff :) oh and by the way, HAPPY EASTER! If you’ve already looked at my about me section, you can see that I have a definite passion for photography and fashion. Add those together and you get, you guessed it, a blog! I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, so I figured why not? It’s Easter, Jesus has risen, and just like He created a fresh start for us, I figured now is the perfect time to create a fresh start for me :) This is my post-Easter outfit, just plain and simple, perfect for around the house or to meet up with friends and very flattering on all body types! I will keep posting throughout the week, comment and respond and tell me what you think!

Love <3, Konnor with a K

6 thoughts on “Hello Day 1! :)

  1. how do I change the sign next to my name?? There are some pics that werent showing up for me
    😦 Can you add them another way?? “Fresh into Spring” and “for the love of lace” are both blank

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